MSD values your opinion

We are always looking at ways to improve our communications with you. We’ve developed a short survey and we’d value your opinion. Taking part will take less than two minutes and it will help us improve how we engage with you.

Section 1

Q2. What is your go to source to access information about your specialty (tick all that apply)?
Q3. How regularly would you like to hear from us (via email)
Q4. What type of information do you prefer to receive from MSD? (Tick all that apply)
Q5. What type of content would you like to see on our HCP website MSD Connect, tick all that apply

Section 2

Q6. In this section we want to explore which technology you prefer for different actions. In each entry please indicate which device you use.
Watching webinars
Checking email
Checking social media
Reading medical journals
Listening to podcasts
Reading peer to peer reviews
Researching case studies/clinical trials
Watching educational videos
Conducting CME (continuing medical education)
Research findings from medical congresses

Section 3

Q7. Breaking down your digital day. Are there set times of the day when you perform particular functions?
Check email
Catch up on news
Check social media
Watch webinar playbacks/videos
Read peer to peer reviews
Conduct online medical research
Visit pharma websites
Listen to podcasts

Section 4

Q8. Do you have a preference for attending educational meetings?