Keycare Patient Support Programme

Keycare is a patient support programme designed to support your patient once you have prescribed Keytruda as part of their treatment plan. This programme is provided through the Keycare website, printed materials and nursing service.

The main objective of the programme is to provide you and your patients with additional support in the community setting between infusions. The programme will work in partnership with you by providing an extension of the care plan for your patients and will not replace, but rather complement, the care provided by your oncology unit.

Central to Keycare is patient education around adverse events and the importance of recognising and reporting any adverse event to your team early so that you can manage their symptoms promptly.

Your patient will also be able to access additional treatment information and lifestyle support through the Keycare website. For further information on the Patient Support Programme please contact a member of our MSD Ireland medical team on: 01 299 8700.

Visit the Keycare Patient Support Programme by clicking here. This website contains Keytruda product information and resources for patients who have been prescribed Keytruda.

IE-KEY-00058|Date of preparation: April 2019